Sunday, 12 May 2013

Innoxa Baby Doll - grab your sunglasses!

Hi guys, today for you I have a swatch of a beautiful polish for you. Meet 'Baby Doll' by INNOXA. It's stunningly bright except in these photos, basically imagine it being ten trillion times more flurescent and you'll be getting closer to reality......better go grab your sunglasses because here are the photographs................

I absolutely love this polish, it is a fluorescent pink polish with a beautiful subtle shimmer to it. It applied effortlessly in two coats and drying time was pleasing too. It's a lovely smooth polish however my nails are in terrible shape. They're splitting, peeling and cracked hence the ugly lines you can see in the photographs. Sorry!

 I got this as a free gift with purchase when I got my INNOXA primer during the Priceline 40% sale.

Thanks for reading and cheers :)


  1. This is such a pretty shade!

    1. Absolutely! I kept staring at my nails with this on :)


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