Friday, 10 May 2013

Studio 54 Face of Australia

Hi guys, today I am going to show you the glitter polish that changed my mind about glitter. I have admitted before that I'm not a huge glitter lover. Probably because glitter polish always looks better in the bottle than on the nail!!! But I have found a truly beautiful combo that made me love this glitter polish. You can probably tell how much I love this polish by the excessive number of photos below.....

This is Face of Australia's limited edition 'Studio 54' layered over Maybelline's 'Toffee'. It's a pretty dense glitter that applies pretty easily and dries reasonably quickly too......

I wore this on my 21st birthday when I went out for dinner with my family and I loved it! It wasn't super out-there nail art but it felt special and when the night was over I peeled it off because I used eseence's peel-off base coat which I L.O.V.E! It's so much peeling of your glitter polish, hahaha.

I want to write more about this polish and how awesome this combo looks but I don't think it is required. Just look at the pretty pictures :)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend,


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