Sunday, 2 June 2013

Project No Buy Week 3 Reflection / Week 4 Goals

Hi guys, It's Sunday again which means another 'project no buy' post! If you are sitting there wondering what 'project no buy' is click here to read my original post explaining it all. It's a bit different, compared to a don't buy anything cold-turkey, project no buy because I set myself goals each week and if I achieve them I gain "credit" that can be used to buy beauty products. Why am I doing this? To try and curb my impulse buying of make-up and nail polish :p

My goals for this week were:
1. Complete three weeks of neuroscience notes: failed
2. Go on three power-walks: failed
3. Get ahead on my post blogs for the next couple of weeks: successful :)

So overall a not very successful week, I guess because of my dear friend procrastination! And exams are getting closer and closer which means I kind of lose the plot :/ Anyway, I am planning to kick myself into action this week! My goals are:

1. Complete four weeks of neuroscience notes.
2. Go on three power-walks.
3. Reply to all of my e-mails.
4. Get ahead on blog posts and schedule them for the upcoming exam period.
5. Review a product.
6. Photograph a nail swatch and some nail-art.

The only make-up product I brought this week was an illuminator and as I didn't have any other illuminators or highlighters I don't have to deduct it from my "credit" balance...confused? You can check out the rules in the original post I linked. So that brings me to the end of the post. My current balance is $78.00

Thanks for reading and have a great week :)


  1. Doesn't shopping count as a power walk?? Kinda?? Love these posts!!

    1. Good point! I think shopping definitely counts as exercise :p Thanks for commenting!!!

  2. Great post! Again those procrastination! Haha! :D I'm guilty. Hihi. Good luck with your exams. I hope it'll turn out right. :)


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