Saturday, 13 July 2013

Miss Universe - a teal lover's dream

Hi guys,
today I have a new polish from essence to show you. I picked this up from Priceline a couple of days ago on an accidental haul. I love teal and this polish is just amazing!!! It is a black-based polish with tons of teal shimmer in it giving you a dark polish which is somehow illuminating. Does that make sense?

The bottle is the standard essence bottle with the cap that 'clicks' on which I think is great! The brush is also the usual wide and easy to use brush typical of the essence polishes from the core range. The formula is relatively easy to use although you do need two coats for complete coverage. I found that the polish looked best when applied quite thickly which of course meant the drying time wasn't amazingly quick. But it was definitely worth the wait :)

By the time my nails had dried the sun had decided to play hide-and-seek behind clouds so I tried my best to get some good photographs of the amazing shimmer but pretty much failed :( I love nail polish and I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but it drives me crazy when I can't get a good picture and especially when it is such an amazingly beautiful polish. This polish has well and truly moved into my top few polishes!!! Easy to apply and beautiful. And it is only $2.75. Don't think I could ask for more.
thanks for reading :)


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