Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nail Art - Teal and gold stamping

Hi guys,
this weekend I finally got around to doing some actual nail art. For the past couple of months I've really only done boring old manicures and swatches and used the striping tape occasionally. With that in mind I pulled out my stamping stuff. I always feel like stamping is a "risk" because if done improperly you can completely stuff up your manicure and have to start all over again...but this time I think it worked out relatively well. Especially when you consider that I haven't stamped for a really long time!

I used a polish from Face of Australia's Barbados limited edition series called 'Let's Go Scuba Diving' which is absolutely gorgeous. Requiring two coats or three thinner coats, this is a really striking teal shimmer polish with heaps of depth. I used 'A Piece of Forever' to stamp.

And now I am finishing with a bit of a random picture (which I hope you enjoy). Whilst I was trecking around the backyard looking for good lighting I snapped this photo of a camellia bush which is about the bloom. It's all furry!!!

Thanks for reading, cheers :)


  1. The base color is amazing! Great stamping! :)

  2. I love the effect of this design. It reminds me of a mermaid's tail. What did you use to stamp the design?

    I've got a nail post if you like to have a look at it =)

    xxx Kat

    1. Thanks, it does look like a mermaids tail now that you mention it :) I used a konad stamping plate (can't remember the name of the actual plate though, sorry!!!) I'll head over to your blog now :)


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