Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Space inspired manicure - Aliens and spaceships...

Hi guys,
this week I am playing 'catch-up' for the Nerd Challenge. I was really looking forward to doing this challenge because it is right up my alley. The first prompt was 'math' but I haven't done that yet! I have an awesome idea but it's going to take ages so I will come back to it. I'm so naughty....I know!!!

Anyway the second prompt was 'space' and I immediately thought of spaceships, galaxy nails and aliens. I decided to go with my first idea of spaceships. What do spaceships look like you ask? Well being a huge Dr Who fan I have to say on the outside they look like blue polices boxes <3 and on the inside, I always think of really white gleaming faces with lots of silver and sleek lines. Not sure where that schema has come from but oh well.

Anyway, for this manicure I used a silver polish called Icy Princess from Essence and one of my all time favourite glitters - stardust from ModelsPrefer. I wish I had a back-up of this but when I went looking for it on the weekend it was sold out everywhere :(

I have a new lighting set-up and obviously it needs a lot more work because looking at these photographs they don't look the best :s but hopefully you can get the drift!

Cheers :)

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