Thursday, 18 July 2013

Revealing the untrieds!!!

It's time for me to come clean and show you my 'untrieds' today!!! It's no secret that I have no control of myself when I see a pretty or unique polish and unless it is over-priced there is a very high probability of me buying it. But do I actually wear all of the polishes I buy? This is where I hang my head and cringe, I know it's not a large amount of polishes and no doubt people have more untrieds than me but think of all the money I've wasted! I'll start with the oldest...

  • Ulta3 Lagoon 
I didn't have a polish this colour in my collection but unfortunately I haven't worn it because it is super sheer and would need at least 3 coats of polish (maybe more) before looking decent. I can' cope with polishes that require a hundred trillion coats unless they are super spectacular. 

  • Ulta3 Elegant Mauve 
Another lovely colour but again it is super sheer which makes it unlikely for me to ever get around to using it. My mum has worn it once and it looked really lovely and I think I would love it if I could wait patiently for the numerous coats to dry... 

  • Face of Australia Glitterati Limited Edition Heat of Glass
I love the idea of heart shaped glitters but being a glitter means I have to use my peel-off base coat and I'm pretty sure those hearts are going to be suckers to get out off the bottle so  I have just been admiring the polish in the bottle. Probably time for me to admire it on my nails! 

  • Inglot Flakie Polish #205
This is the untried that I am most ashamed of. The ulta3 untrieds I don't mind because they were $1.50 but this Inglot polish cost more than that and I haven't worn it :( and what makes it worse is that I brought Revlon's Heavenly last weekend which I think is going to turn out to be pretty similar (they are both flakies after all) and I've worn Heavenly but not #205. Why??? I really don't know. 

  • Essence Icy Princess
I was absolutely desperate to add a silver polish to my collection but having added icy princess to my collection I haven't gotten around to using it. I think I was planning to use it for stamping but haven't got around to it yet obviously. 

  • Simpli Cosmestics Polishes
My awesome friend gave these to my for my birthday and I have used them a couple of times for nail art but haven't swatched them yet. I really should swatch them because they are beautiful colours, especially the blue polish. It looks electric! 

  • Sally Hanse Lustre Shine Series Lava 
I was super excited when these came to Australia and I brought a couple from the collection and loved them. Except for this one, which when I attempted to swatch wouldn't dry, smudged and was patchy. After failing the first time I reached for this polish I haven't attempted another manicure with it. Probably should try again because wiping wet nail polish off doesn't really count as using it does it? 

  • MUD Pixie Dust 
$1 nail polishes at the express checkouts at safeway. What more can I say? What was I suppose to do? I saw this glitter and it looks pretty unique so I grabbed it but haven't worn it yet. I don't love glitters but I think this might be a nice one when I finally get around to wearing it. 

  • Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite
Wasn't sure if I should include this or not. I only brought it two days ago! But nonetheless it is untried so here it is. Looking forward to wearing this over a blue polish or maybe a teal? 

It started raining as soon as I went outside to take these photographs :( Always happens, I swear!!! And usually on the weekend too when I actually have spare time to take photographs.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to let me know about your untrieds! 

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