Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Favourites

Hi guys,
I was about to say "wow can you believe another month has gone past already?" but since I always say that I'm going to skip right past it and hope you all had a fantastic August! Winter has officially ended *happy dance* and I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again. I don't have many August favourites but the favourites I have, are loved intensely.

Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter 
I discovered this product mid-way through August and since then have been applying this obsessively. It feels amazing, has this really unique scent (which I can't describe) which I love and has worked wonders on my yucky, dry and chapped lips. This deserves it's own review so keep you eyes peeled for more information.

Essence Princess Prunella Nail Polish
I've had this nail polish for around nine months and have only worn it once. Well I wore it again, for the second time, a couple of weeks ago and fell back in love with it. I feel a bit guilty about raving on about ths since I know it's discontinued...but it's a really pretty purple polish and was my favourite manicure for the month.

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream
This was 50% off at Priceline so I decided to grab it, but wasn't expecting much from it because its a bb cream but WOW!!! I am super-duper in love with this. The coverage is great for a bb cream (comparable to a light-medium foundation), you can build up the coverage, it applies effortlessly (which is great for the mornings when I'm not really awake) and lasts well into a fifth hour without any sign of wear. I've heard that this is comparable to an asian bb cream. I've never tried an asian bb but I love this. Okay I'll stop rambling now but seriously...I love it.

Revlon Quick Dry Nail Polish
I've been using this as my topcoat and it definitely helps to dry your nail polish more quickly. It also prolongs the wear of your nail polish and dries super shiny.

Bryon Bay Cookies
Okay so I know this is a beauty blog but  I need to give some love to my favourite indulgence of the month. The chocolate bryon bay cookies are delicious. I've been buying them for ages from uni but only recently found them at Safeway for $1.79 so now I take my own cookie to uni to save money :) Super yummy for a long day at uni with 8 hours of classes with no break and no time to buy a coffee all day! Who made my uni timetable...seriously...I need my caffeine hit!

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Sorry it was quite long...I've got my two major assignments due next week so I'm currently a bit crazy :p


  1. Great post! I love the Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm! I just posted my monthly favourites too :) xx

    1. I think I'm getting addicted to it :) It smells so yummy! I'll check out your blog now, cheers

  2. OMG those Byron Bay cookies are so amazing! Good luck on your assignments!
    xxx Kat

  3. Byron Bay cookies are the best. I was lucky enough to their samples the last time the rep came to DJs :D

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