Monday, 7 October 2013

Inglot Flakie #205 Review

Hi guys, today I have a super exciting post for you :) This polish has been sitting in my drawer untried for ages but boy do I regret that's truly amazing!!! The polish I am talking about is is Inglot's #205 flakie top coat. Sure, it might not have an awesome name but it is an awesome polish. The flashes of colour are stunning and the formula is perfect. This polish definitely scores 10/10.

I layered #205 over Sally Hansen's 'Jungle Gem'.

So I'll stop raving about how awesome the polish on and get onto the details.

  • This is a flakie topcoat, the predominant colours are green and gold however you do get flashes of blue and orange. 

  • Density is really great, I used one coat for the pictures used in these pictures. However, I did do a couple of extra brushstrokes per coat on a couple of nails. 

  • Formula is extremely easy to use and it dries quickly.

  • Unlike glitter topcoats this removes easily and doesn't damage your nails. 

I think the reason why this stayed in my drawer untried for so long was that I have had bad experiences with flakie top coats before, they either apply gloopily or their density is so appalling that you need a couple of hundreds coat to get any noticeable effect. But that wasn't the case with #205. The flakies were packed in so with a couple of strokes you got a high level of density, they all dried smoothly and the flashes of colour you get from this topcoat is spectacular. 

Before signing off I must apologise for the lack of clean-up. I ran out of nail polish remover! 

Thanks for reading, 
cheers :)

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