Saturday, 12 October 2013

Exam Revision Haul

Hi guys,
as you have you probably noticed I haven't been writing many posts lately.Yes I do still reside on planet Earth but fortunately or unfortunately ( I don't quite know) my final exams before I graduate are coming up so I have been frantically revising for those. I am really looking forward to getting back into the blog though once my exams are over :)

Anyway, I will stop boring you and get onto the haul I accidentally did on a quick trip to the shops. Nothing better than a haul when you are procrastinating :)

The majority of this is from Priceline, except for the sugar coat polish which is from My Chemist Warehouse and the Sinful Colors polishes from Target.

As a nail polish lover I have been looking for the perfect pale pink polish. From my limited experience with pale pink polishes I find they usually have appalling formulas so I accidentally accumulated a few today. I blame Sinful Colors, I came across their Bare Necessities collection and because I had pink polishes on my mind I couldn't help but pick them up! I also got one of the new Sugar Coat Sally Hansen texture polishes. Not a huge fan of texture polishes but you never know until you try them...well that's how I'm justifying it anyway :p

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

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  1. The Sinful polishes are so pretty! I also need to get my hands on a SugarCoat...I was deliberating between shades the other night and finally gave up because I couldn't decide lol.

    Good luck for exams!


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