Friday, 6 December 2013

Chi Chi Nudes Eye Shadow Palette + BARGAIN Alert

Today I have swatches from Chi Chi's 'Nudes' Glamorous Eye Shadow Palette. Consisting of 12 different shades,  2 matte and 10 shimmers and housed in a sturdy plastic palette, with a clear lid it's a great palette and very good quality...especially considering how cheap it is! I don't personally own the Naked Palette by Urban Decay but I believe it is very similar...

I only recently picked this up so this post will only be swatches but I will do a more in-depth review once I've used it for awhile. Before I get stuck into the swatches though I want to let you know about how YOU CAN GET THIS FOR A BARGAIN!!!Yes I know...I probably went OTT with the bold and the underlining but, seriously, give me a second to explain and you'll be rushing down to the shops to score yourself a bargain :) This palette can be brought alone for $22.95 or you can get it in a gift set with a RRP of $24.95 that also includes a full-sized blush and 4 mini lipglosses. And now here comes the clincher, there is 25% off Chi Chi gift sets at Target at the moment meaning that this palette + full sized blush + 4 mini lipglosses will only cost you $18.71. So you can either buy this palette individually for $22 or buy it in a gift set with a blush and 4 mini glosses for $18.71. Kind of absurd really but nonetheless a great bargain! 

Okay now onto the actual swatches that I promised you...forgive me for getting side-tracked by bargain, pretty please :)


Cheers and have a great weekend!


  1. That set looks really good value for money especially if you were wanting to get the eyeshadow palette on its own. The shades in it do look very similar to the Urban Decay Naked1 palette :)

    1. Such good value I couldn't resist buying it!!! :) oops!

  2. I saw these in target the other day! It looked really nice but I didn't end up buying for some reason! Kind of regretting it now haha.

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