Thursday, 5 December 2013

Party Season Inspiration #1 Nails

Party season is just around the corner and that means standing in front of your wardrobe exclaiming "I've got nothing to wear" when in fact it is packed full of clothes, applying your favourite make-up products and splashing some polish onto your nails. For some party season inspiration I've combined some of my favourite combinations of nail polish. Later this week I will also have some make-up inspiration and outfit inspiration for you. If I get time I might also try and do another nail polish post :) 

For a more formal event this combination of Gorgeous Bling Bling (orange polish with gold flecks in) and Gold Fever (gold and red glitter) by Essence looks stunning and is very festive. This is what adorned by nails last Christmas day and I loved it! I would definitely recommend a peel-off base coat though...

For daytime and more casual events think about doing some nail-art. Simple and fun nail-art can be easily achieved with two of your favourite colours, a dotting tool or some striping tape (or even sticky tape!!!). Just don't forget if you're using sticky tape you need to stick it onto the back of your hand first to get rid of some of the glue, otherwise you'll just end up ripping your nail polish off :o 

What do your favourite festive nails look like? 

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