Wednesday, 4 December 2013

NEW!!! Limited Edition Face of Australia Glossy Lip Crayon

Face of Australia has yet another limited edition collection on their shelves at the moment. The 'Glossy Lip Crayon' in seven amazing shades. If you let your memory wander you might recall last year they released a limited edition pack of three of these lip crayons. Well they're back...and even better than before :)

Huh? You're could they be better? Well for one thing look at the amazing range of colours here. Dare I say there is a shade for everybody? Plus, they are being sold separately so you can pick and mix what colours you want rather than have to buy a pack of three when you really only want one or two of the colours. And finally, the $4.95 these must be some of the best quality cheapest crayons out there. I tried out a few of the testers and they all had really good colour payoff. 

I am super excited about these (can you tell???) as I loved the original glossy lip crayons and there are definitely some new shades here that I want need!!! They would also make great stocking fillers :)

The shades are: 
  • Berry Brulee (Purple berry colour)
  • Jam Fancy (blue-based pink)
  • Pecan Pie (pink based nude)
  •  Pie A La Mode (brown)
  • Raspberry Coulis (warn pink)
  • Peach Parfait (orange tinged coral)
  • Apple Crumble (warm red)
 Will you be picking any of these up?

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  1. Oh my gosh. This is just about the most exciting news EVER! I loved the original three and for $5 each you can practically buy one of every colour. Oh. my. gosh! Haha

  2. I did swatch all these on my blog because I didn't want to buy them all. Although for $35 it wouldn't be a bad set for a Giveaway.


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