Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 3 Nail Polishes for 2013

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers. I hope that 2014 is an amazing year for you all and that the year is everything you want it to be!!!

The final post of 2013 is going to be dedicated to my top 3 nail polishes of 2013 in the following categories: pink/coral, blue, green/teal, duochrome, toppers and collections. 

Okay, so let's get this party started with my top 3 pink/coral polishes of 2013. My favourites were:
1. Feeling Great from Sinful Colors 
2. Timbleberry from Sinful Colors
3. Inglot #720

Timbleberry is a super bright neon coral polish with a great formula, quick drying time and it's the perfect colour for summer. 

In the same way that Timbleberry doesn't look neon in the picture, Feeling Great, doesn't look as deep as it does in real life. A deep fuschia colour in another great creme polish from Sinful Colors. 

Inglot #720 is a matte pink based coral polish that has a great formula, good wear time even though it gets shinier the longer you wear it. Despite lacking a 100% score in the matte department I still love this polish. 

My favourite blue polishes were:
1. Endless Blue from Sinful Colors
2. Beguile from Revlon 

Endless Blue from Sinful Colors

Beguile from Revlon
It seems like all my favourite polishes are cremes from Sinful Colors and continuing on the theme I present to you Endless Blue. Super bright, super blue and a one coater which only helps to strengthen my love for it.

Beguile is a navy polish with a stunning blue shimmer. A very sophisticated polish that I think can be worn anywhere.

My favourite green/teal polishes were:
1. Jungle Gem from Sally Hansen
2. Trophy Wife from Essie
3. The green and the grunge from Essence

For a beauty blogger with a nail polish collection that is getting close to 150 (yes I know...it's absurd. I should be ashamed) you know a polish is amazing when you keep going back to it despite having a draw full of polishes. Anyway. I probably wore Jungle Gem from Sally Hansen for five weeks minimum this winter. It's such a beautiful teal, not too green, not too blue and a lovely creme formula.

Trophy Wife is an absolutely stunning bright teal with a metallic finish that makes it look gorgeous on the nail.

The green and the grunge from Essence is pretty much the best forest green polish ever. One coater, great brush, dries pretty quickly and at $2.75 the quality is outstanding.

I think this is my favourite category. This year I decided teal was my favourite colour which probably
explains why the "green/teal" category consists of two teal polishes and one green polish.

My favourite purple polishes for 2013 were:
1. Enrapture from Revlon
2. Black Tulip from OmShe

Purple isn't my favourite colour to wear on my nails. I don't know why but nevermind. Black Tulip from omShe is my trusty go to purple creme polish and Enrapture from Revlon is an absolutely stunning purple with red undertones and lots of shimmer. Love it, love it, love it!!!

The first of my favourite collections for 2013 was the Metal Rush collection from Rimmel London. I love duochrome polishes and Rimmel London nailed it with their Metal Rush collection. The color shifts were stunning and coupled with the formula, brush and nifty polish names this collection is absolutely loved by moi.

Face of Australia's Gliterati collection also deserves a special mention because not only did they include some stunning glitters in clear bases (studio 54 I'm looking at you) but they also included some very unique milky glitters which are not seen very often on shelves of mainstream shops sadly. 

And here is where the post kind of falls apart because I forgot to take photos of my top three toppers...
My favourite toppers were:
1. Inglot #205 (the most stunning flakie ever!!!)
2. White Noise from BYS (I just adore black and white matte glitter. Divine!!!)

So that is it for nail polishes in 2013, I hope you have a very Happy New Year and an enjoyable New Years Eve. I'm going to cross my fingers this scheduled post actually posts itself...hmmm?
Have a great one,

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