Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Products in Australia February

Pursuing through the beauty aisles today I stumbled across some new beauty products and thought you might all like to know what they were...

First up from L'oreal we have the Glam Shine Balmy Glosses. These are another incarnation of the jumbo gloss balms that every man and his dog has released in the past year or so. In six different colours these look really great. They are also currently on sale for $11.86 at Priceline.

At the Maybelline stand there was also a new addition, the Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick. They come in ten different shades and are currently on sale at Priceline of $13.55.
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At the Nyx stand in Target I noticed that they now stock value packs of Nyx products and boy are they great value! There are two versions of the lip set. The "it" list - the pinks and The "it" list - the neutrals.  For $29 you get five products worth  $59. These lip sets include a butter gloss, mega shine lip gloss, pump it up lip plumper, sot matte lip cream and a xtreme lip cream. The Mega shine Lip Gloss comes in 'beige' with is a cult favourite (and is a pink colour not a beige colour).

There is also a set that gives you six of their jumbo eye pencils. The shades are: 'electric blue', 'black bean', 'sparkle nude', iced mocha', 'yogurt' and 'milk'.

Sally Hansen had a little stand of new products. I don't think I've ever seen the 'satin glam' collection of polishes here in oz and there was also 'cuticle rehab' which is a nail strengthener which fills in your ridges and hides your damaged nails. Very impressive Sally Hansen!!! I'll definitely be buying some of these products - how gorgeous do the pink and teal polishes look?

There was also this display of the new Moisture Renew lipsticks. A lovely selection of colours and ofcourse the idea of a moisturising lipstick sound fab.

Finally, I'll be honest I don't look at brow products very often so these actual products may or may not be new but I haven't seen this display before so I'll show it you anyway. 

That is quite a lot of new products that are on the shelves at the moment and they all look fantastic! What are your favourites from the lot?


  1. Ohhh! I've been waiting for some new Rimmel lippies for a while! I hope they are good!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

    1. They sound awesome, hopefully they can live up to the claim of being moisturising.

  2. nice, have to buy

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