Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Products I'm throwing out

My make-up drawer is overflowing and when I sat down to write February's 'empties' post I realised that the majority of the products were simply old products I had decided to throw out / never use. With that a lightbulb moment came along and I cleaned out my make-up drawer as well and tried to make everything a little more neat. So without further ado, here are the products that are heading to the bin. And maybe I should also mention that a lot of these products are really good but are way past their expiry dates...so nothing against these products!

I'm throwing out the 'Hip to be square' eye shadow palette from Sportsgirl that I received as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago. I really loved this palette and used it heaps when I first got it however now it is a bit yucky and it's time for it to go. I don't strictly adhere to all of those beauty rules (e.g., throw out your lipstick after a year) but I am more careful with eye products.

The Essence compact powder is getting thrown out because I haven't reached for it for over a year and prefer Rimmel London's 'Stay Matte' powder.

Unfortunately, my Nivea Pure & Natural moisturiser has to get thrown out because the plastic lid shattered after I dropped it one too many times onto the bathroom floor. This was a decent moisturiser and was great for the winter months when you have super dry skin. I might repurchase this.

For the lis I chucking out an Innoxa matte lipstick in 'Babydoll'. I got this for free as a GWP and have never worn it. I don't wear bold lips and this is a neon bright pink lipstick. It's not a bad lipstick and I'm sure it could look great on some people, just not me.

The Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss is getting chucked out because I haven't worn it for over two years, maybe four???

Sadly I am also throwing out this Korres lip gloss because I haven't worn it for three years. I brought it for my school formal so it has special memories associated with it but I need to learn that even if I throw something out I will still have the memories!

Lagoon is a very sheer pale green nail polish and I have never worn it, it's too sheer and I don't like the colour. Why I brought it I do not know...

The Nails Inc 'Bag a Bachelor' came free with a CLEO magazine a couple of years ago. The formula is super runny and whenever I tried to wear it I would end up with a horrible looking manicure and have to take it off immediately. 

The Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base and top coat was a product I have repurchased heaps. At the moment I am using another base coat and top coat though and these have been sitting in my drawer for over a year. Better just to buy a new bottle I think! Would I repurchase? Yes. 

The base and top coat from ModelsPrefer was okay but it occasionally bubbled and so I haven't reached for it in a very long time. I have so many base/top coats I don't think I need to keep it. The more colourful polishes in the range are great though from ModelsPrefer. Who could forget 'Stardust'?!

This eye shadow from Bloom could be more than six years old, plus I use to share it with my Mum which was a bit stupid really...considering it is an eye product and they say you should never share your make-up. Would I repurchase? From what I can remember about it...absolutely!

So that is what you will find in my bin this week. Cheers :)


  1. I am so bad at de-cluttering, I like to keep hold of useless things! Haha. Looks like you had a lovely clear out. x

    1. I'm an expert justifying why I shouldn't throw things out! So tricky to de-clutter.

  2. I guess I have to do this too with my drawers. I got keep them organize so that i get to use them all or even see if they are still okay. I will start this weekend.

    1. It'a great when everything is neat and tidy. Then at least you can see what you've got!


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