Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nyx 30% off at Target - Wishlist

Hi guys!!! This is going to be a super quick post because I have an assignment due tomorrow and it still needs A LOT of work :/ I know I haven't been around much on the blog but hopefully once I regain my control over uni I'll be more consistent...hahaha

Anyway whilst I was procrastinating I saw that Target has 30% off Nyx for the next couple of days. Which got me thinking about things I want to buy from Nyx...Nyx is a brand I really love and usually their products are of good quality. So with 30% off you can't do much wrong. 

Nyx Wishlist

How beautiful are those eyeshadow palettes?! I already have one blush from Nyx and I have literally worn it everyday for the past month (or two). Another product of theirs I love are the Butter Glosses. One of the best glosses I have ever tried - not sticky, very moisturising, nice pigmentation, plus they smell amazing. If you haven't tried them you should!

What is your favourite Nyx product?


  1. The primer looks great, reminds me of the Smashbox one x


    1. Exactly what I thought Kirsty! A lot cheaper though :)


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