Sunday, 24 August 2014

Rimmel London Rita Ora - Do Not Disturb Nail Polish Review

A couple of weeks ago the Rita Ora collection from Rimmel London was launched in Australia. The collection is comprised of 12 nail polishes and 5 lip crayons. Today I am reviewing one of the nail polishes from the collection, 'Do Not Disturb'. 'Do Not Disturb' is a gorgeous vibrant teal with a cream finish.

The formula of this polish was really good. I did two coats to get complete opaqueness but you could nearly get away with one coat. It wasn't streaky, was easy to apply and dried quickly. It also lasted really well without chipping. To be honest it was a week or two ago that I had this on my nails so I cannot remember precisely how long it lasted...but I remember it lasted longer than most nail polishes. BUT and there is sadly a "but" here...this polish stained my nails really badly. I always wear base coat and have never had a polish stain my nails before. But when I was taking this polish off I discovered that it had stained my nails. Plus, as I was wiping it off it smeared onto my skin and I couldn't get it off. 

So I loved the colour of this polish but without figuring out to stop it from staining my nails I wouldn't want to wear it too often. 

Thanks for reading, cheers :)


  1. That really sucks because the colour range is absolutely gorgeous. I might pick a few up myself :)

    1. I would love to know if the other colours stain...because they are really lovely polishes except for that hiccup! Cheers

  2. Hey dear,I love this post!:)
    You have an amazing blog,have to say!
    Keep in touch xoxo
    love Antonella <3

  3. Did you use the Rimmel base coat? The 2 products might work better together! Love this colour, not something i'd usually look twice at in the shops but it looks great on! x


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