Tuesday, 2 December 2014

How do I store the make-up I use every day?

The title of this post says it all doesn't it?! Being the beauty blogger and shopaholic that I am, on top of my extreme indecisiveness, I can't just go to my make-up draw and pick out the make-up I want to wear for the day. Plus, I am always running late. Enter in my little container where I store my "go to" make-up. The products that live in this little box change as I add in new products and take out products I am not planning on wearing for a couple of days. The container itself came from Daiso for $2.80. If you need some containers Daiso is always a good place to look at.

SO what is hiding in this little container?

The foundation I pretty much wear all the time is the Colorstay Whipped Cream foundation from Revlon. I have also been reaching for Maybelline's Dream Pure BB cream recently when I feel lazy.

For the eyes I have been switching between the Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Inked in Pink' and the limited edition Summer Fiesta shadows from Kit. Also in the container is a Nyx Jumbo Eye Crayon in 'Yoghurt'. This is the best product for when you are short on time - one swipe across your eyelid and you're done. I don't wear eyeliner very often but somehow I have 2 floating around. The Too Faced Perfect Eyes waterproof eye liner is the eye liner I have used the most. It is a very black eyeliner and while I do like it, I have found that it has become a bit mushy? I honestly do not know why the Rimmel London Scandaleyes waterproof kohl is in the picture. I have not used it much and so far I don't love it. I typically only have one mascara open at once. At the moment I have been really loving Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless mascara.

Now onto blush! I love blush and feel "naked" without it. The three that I have been loving recently are Melon-Drama from Revlon, the match perfection blush from Rimmel London and 'Mocha' from Nyx (all powder blushes).

I also always keep a moisturiser with my make-up. I try and moisturise before doing my make-up but sometimes I forget so it is always useful to have one close by. The Optiva Comforting Day Cream is great if you have dry skin.

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  1. Great post indeed! I wanna try that match perfection one.


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