Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Simple kind to eyes make up remover - review

The kind to eyes make up remover from Simple claims to remove waterproof mascara without the need to rub at your eyes, while being suitable for sensitive skin. 

With the same consistency as water I drizzle some of this on a cotton pad and wipe this over my eyes. It removes my eyeshadow and mascara well. I don't find myself rubbing my eyes when I use this. I also find this really useful when I make a mistake and need to quickly fix it. I just grab a q-tip However, I do have to confess that I am lazy and often go to bed without removing my mascara. Using a q-tip, this is perfect for wiping away mascara that settles underneath the eye, quickly in the morning. 

I don't experience any stinging or uncomfortableness so would expect that this would be fine for those with sensitive eyes. However everybody is different! 

Finally, the packaging! Not much to say here...it comes in a bottle with a flip top. Nothing here to dislike. Overall I really enjoy this product and have already been through 1.5 bottles of it :) thanks for reading! Cheers 

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