Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Review - Pink Shock

Maybelline Baby Lips have cemented themselves into the lip balm market and now they have a new offering for us - the electro pop collection. Here in Australia this collection consists of three balms: Berry Bomb (purple), Oh Orange (orange) and Pink Shock (pink).

I will be reviewing 'Pink Shock' which is a super bright warm-toned neon pink. It is also very shiny! For a lip balm the colour is overwhelmingly strong. This can definitely be worn instead of a lipstick or lipgloss. Alternatively, you can glide the balm across your lips lightly and get a less intense wash of colour. I find the colour stays around for around an hour before it starts to fade. After the hour mark you begin to loose the feeling that you are wearing a balm and the shine diminishes however there is still some colour on your lips.

Like the original Baby Lips the electro pops also claim to give eight hours of hydration. The original baby lips don't stay on your lips for this long and I feel like the electro pop baby lips don't give me as much hydration as the original formula. So no, not eight hours. But having said that, I do believe they hydrate, moisturise and soften your lips.

Overall, this product far surpassed my expectations. You get intense colour, hydration and decent lasting power (considering it is just a lip balm), and all for the tiny price of $3.95. This could easily replace a lipstick and be a great choice for summer parties!

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