Monday, 26 January 2015

My Favourite Australian Things

Happy Australia Day everybody! I'm going to share with you some of my favourite Australian things across a range of categories: beauty, fashion, and music.


One of my favourite clothing stores is Dotti. Founded in 1981 in Sydney, there are Dotti stores all over Australia and New Zealand. Some of my favourite and most worn clothes are from Dotti.

Top left: Feather printed maxi dress; brought over 3 years ago and I still wear this dress once a week during the summer months. I either wear it with flats during the day or if I'm heading into the city for dinner I often throw a blazer on and some heels. I think it is always important to have a piece of clothing you can rely on, wherever and whenever you are going. Perfect for those "I have nothing to wear" days.

Bottom left: Shift Dress; I love love love the print on this shift dress. It's great for summer days/nights with or without a blazer and is also a great option for those Melbourne, 4 seasons in 1 day, days - with tights and boots.

Bottom right: Palm Print Top; I picked this up for $10 (originally $50) and usually wear it with jeans and a blazer. Perfection?!

Mimco is one of my most recent obsessions. Their leather handbags are gorgeous and their accessories are addictive. Especially their pouches.

Peter Alexander make pyjamas, but not any ordinary pyjamas! I am a lover of prints and during their recent Boxing Day sales (which were amazing) I wanted to buy one of everything. Last winter they released a pair of pants covered in nail polish bottles - perfect for a nail polish blogger, hey?


My favourite Australian beauty brands are Face of Australia, OmShe, and Natio. Every year Face of Australia release a couple of limited edition collections of nail polish, which are always amazing. Their permanent line is also great. Their glossy lip crayons were the first lip crayons I ever tried and are still some of my favourites. Sure they don't last forever, but they are moisturising and their sheer pigmentation can be built up. omShe is an Aussie brand that uses natural ingredients and is one of my favourite Australian brands. Their nail polishes are 3-free and their lipsticks smell gorgeous and come in pretty golden tubes (I cannot resist gold packaging, please tell me I'm not the only one!!!). Natio  is a brand that I have started looking at recently. They use 100% pure essential oil blends. So far my favourite products from them are their  tinted lip balms.


One of my all-time favourite Australian bands is Savage Garden, and then when they split-up I became a fan of Darren Hayes when he went solo. One of my new discoveries is Busby Marou. Some of my favourite songs from their Farewell Fitzroy album are: 'My Second Mistake' and 'Luck'.

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  1. Totally agree about the Face of Australia polishes, love their collections


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