Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Winter Fashion Heroes

The cold weather has arrived so it is time to embrace thick and chunky knitwear, stylish coats, scarfs and boots. Despite always whinging about the cold weather, I love wearing winter clothes. In my book, the statement coat always wins over a cute sun dress. I have started buying a couple of new pieces for my "winter wardrobe" and stalking eBay (I must admit that having extra eBay coupons makes eBay so much more addictive).

Jumpers are my "hero" pieces during the winter months. When I'm hanging around the house I usually just have a long sleeve t-shirt on underneath a dorky old hoody. Do I really want to admit that? Please tell me I'm not the only one!!! But whenever you need to throw something on and head out, having a couple of jumpers you love and know are warm and flattering can be a lifesaver. My current favourite is this Esprit jumper in a mix of black and white. It goes with everything, is flattering and most importantly it keeps me warm. It was $99.95 but I got it on sale for $37.00. Bargain!!!

I also love dressing for winter because I get to wear boots! I am a huge fan of boots and wear them every single day. They are so versatile, are weather savvy and always look great. My all-time favourite leather boots are these ones from Aldo. They are great quality and have worn really well. They go with everything; from tights and a dress or skirt, to jeans and a coat. Plus you can wear them wherever and whenever. Dream boots right there, I tell ya! I also have to give a shoutout to the handbags Aldo sells. Not only are their shoes gorgeous but their handbags are stunning and always on-trend.

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