Monday, 28 September 2015

4 Spring-like Beauty Products

Spring is here, the sun is starting to shine and you can now brave the outdoors without wearing a zillion layers. Well at least some of the time... To celebrate I wanted to write a blog post about some products that are perfect for this time of year. It's still too cold to break out the summer dresses but we can get into the spring mood with our make-up at least! Step one, think pink. Step two, step outside and soak up the sunshine.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 'Magnolia'

This is a peachy pink that I think is perfect for any occasion. It's a good alternative for a nude or 'my lips but better shade'. I have been reaching for the lipstick a lot lately: it's a fun colour,  isn't as boring as a nude and looks great all the time. The pigmentation is pretty good, the formula is lightweight and super creamy and the lasting power is the typical 1-2 hours. It is really comfortable and feels moisturising. It also smells really nice and sweet.

Maybelline 'Pink Me Up' Lipstick

'Pink Me Up' is a deep warm-toned pink that sits on the line between a 'bold lip' and a 'not so bold' lip - which I love because I don't like wearing bold lips. They look great on other people...just not me! This a gorgeous pink shade that I fell in love with the first time I wore it. It would be great for an evening out or with a natural smokey eye. Maybelline's lipstick formula is becoming one of my favourites and is definitely worth checking out.

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in 'Petalite'

A new addition to Revlon's product line are these 'Ultra HD Lip Lacquers'. Expect a full review on my blog soon but meanwhile I will focus on this pretty shade called 'Petalite'. 'Petalite' is a pretty pale pink with gold shimmer. It's a pretty standard gloss - doesn't stick around for ages and isn't super pigmented BUT it is one of those glosses that you can just whack on and you're ready to go. A good shade to reach for when you want a natural looking pink lip.

OPI Nailpolish in 'Hands Off My Kielbasa'

I know this whole post has been brainwashing you to "think pink" but this nail polish leans more towards the orange-y coral side of things. But because it screams "spring" to me it had to be included. This is a super pretty peachy polish with shimmer. I feel like the polish is glowing from within - does that make sense? Gorgeous!!! It's currently on my nails and it's soooooooo pretty and really shimmery! Did I use the word 'pretty' too much whilst describing this polish?

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