Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Beauty Favourites + Blog Update

These are the products I loved using the most during January... 

Before we get into the post I want to first give you a quick update about the blog. It is no secret that I didn't blog much during 2015 however I am jumping back onto the blogging bandwagon and will be dedicating a lot more time to Beautiful Living in 2016. I am super excited to have my enthusiasm back for blogging and hope you continue to enjoy Beautiful Living

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer 

This primer received so much hype when it was first released in the US a very long time ago. People were shouting from the rooftops that it was similar to Benefit's Porefessional. Whilst I have never used the Porefessional I can say that I am loving this primer. It makes my skin feel very smooth and makes my make-up go on flawlessly. I am also pretty sure it prolongs the wear of my make-up, however I am still messing around with it so I will report back in a full review once I am 100% sure.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

This mascara has been included in my 'monthly favourites' post before and there is a good reason it is re-appearing here. Whenever I want my lashes to be 10% amazing I reach for this mascara. It easily separates my lashes, doesn't clump and makes my lashes look dramatic without a fuss.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara 

The Falsies is another great mascara from Maybelline that I have recently fell in love with. The formula of this one is less wet than Lash Sensational, so I feel like this one is a little easier to apply. It is definitely a mascara worth checking out.

Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in 'Get Ready' 

Silly as it may be I could spend sentences talking about how cool the packaging is on the lipstick. But I probably shouldn't so lets talk about the actual lipstick, hey? This is a stunning "my lips but better" shade with a berry undertone. This lipstick has great pigmentation and is creamy. If I don't want it to be as bold as it is normally I put it over some Lucas papaw. Beautiful!

L'oreal Color Riche Eye Colour Pencil in 'Delicate Beige' 

This cream eye shadow pencil is beautiful. 'Delicate Bridge' is a champagne-y shimmer shade. This is a very easy shade to apply onto the lid and hey presto that's all you need to do before leaving the house.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 

So if you are Aussie you will know this iconic product...which according to the tube is a "local topical application for minor burns and scalds, sunburn, gravel rash, cuts and minor open wounds, insect bites, splinters and nappy rush". But I think we basically say that we pull the tub out for many many many things. I love using this as a lip balm. I just recently re-purchased this after not using it for a couple of years and they now have a tube with a lip applicator which is sooo good! I don't know why it took me so long to buy this again because I'm loving it!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day :)

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