Thursday, 21 April 2016

Top 4 Best Nail Polishes for Work

When you walk into a shop to buy nail polish you are faced with a billion choices. The bright colours are always eye-catching but not always work appropriate. 

For work, nudes and pale pinks are a safe option. I don't know if it is only me but I find it very hard to find a pale pink nail polish with a good formula - for me they are notoriously bad. If you do want a pale pink I would recommend 'Bare' from Sinful Colours. 'Bare' is a pale pink nude with micro-shimmer. For a full review on this polish click here.

The Maybelline Superstay Gel Nail Colour polish in 'Rose Poudre' could possibly be my favourite nail polish ever (I cannot believe I said that, pretty serious for somebody with 200+ polishes!). 'Rose Poudre' is a dusty pale pink. With two thin coats the polish dries quickly and looks stunning. Perfect for anybody and anywhere.

'All eyes on nudes' from Essie is a matte nail polish however I always put a glossy top coat over it. This is a great basic nude polish, there is no hint of pink here, it is a creamy beige. The formula isn't the best but the colour is great. If you have a little bit of patience when applying it and put a glossy top coat on it, it is a fabulous every day work polish.

'All tied up' from Essie is a stronger pink polish with shimmer. Out of all the polishes I've talked about here this one is definitely the least neutral. It's a darker dusty rosy pink with gold shimmer. Super pretty! For a full review of this polish, click here.

+Bonus Polish -Face of Australia Screen Siren Limited Edition 'Monroe' -  Okay so I didn't want to include this in the top 4 because it is no longer sold. But having said that, if anybody knows of a dupe please let me know! It's definitely one of my favourite ever polishes!!! The perfect nude with a slight pink undertone.

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