Sunday, 28 August 2016

August Beauty Favourites

August has absolutely flown by but at the same time, when I sat down to think about my most loved products for August, there were a lot. I whittled them down to the very best products, so enjoy! 

My skin was really struggling with winter this year so I overhauled my skincare routine. The Ultra Facial Moisturiser from Kiehl's is the moisturiser that I settled on after trying a couple of samples. It is a pretty basic product but it works so very well. The main pro's of the product are: doesn't leave any kind of residue behind your skin, your skin feels supple and moisturised, doesn't interfere with your make-up and it absorbs nicely into the skin. Con's: it only comes in a tub - I would love it if this came in a tube or pump. 

Lanolin Lemonade Lip Treatment is a classic Australian lip product. It is a shimmery liquid ip balm that does wonders for dry, chapped lips. 

Mac have a gorgeous range of colours, I think we all know that. My favourite lippy from Mac at the moment is 'Patisserie' which is a super wearable lipstick from their lustre collection. On the Mac website it is described as a "creamy neutral pink" and if I was going to have a stab at describing the colour I would say it pink nude with more pink than brown in it. 

'Perpetual Peach' from L'oreals Infallible lipstick range is an absolutely beautiful lipstick. It leans more towards the coral spectrum however it is as wearable as Patisserie, only more pigmented and opaque. This lipsticks lasts really well and is comfortable on the lips. 


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