Monday, 15 August 2016

Revlon Mascara Revolution Review: Ultra Volume + Super Length

Revlon recently launched five new mascaras as part of their "mascara revolution". The collection of mascaras have been designed to meet everybody's wishes and desires. They have the: Ultimate All in One, Dramatic Definition, Ultra Volume, Super Length and Volume + Length Magnified. For over two months I have been using the Super Length and the Ultra Volume mascaras.

I remember when I first pulled the wand out of the  Super Length tube I was disappointed as the wand is quite large. I don't have the best track record with large mascara wands however I was able to continue using the wand. Unlike other large mascara wands it didn't lead to me never using the mascara. I loved the Super Length mascara the first time I used it: it definitely made my lashes look longer, it didn't clump and separated my lashes nicely.

However, now that I have also been wearing the Ultra Volume mascara...I think I prefer the Ultra Volume mascara a tiny bit more. Both are good mascaras however the difference between them is not dramatic. For me, what gets the Ultra Volume mascara across the line ahead of the Super Length mascara is that it gives a more fluttery effect, whereas the Super Length mascara can sometimes look more spiky.

 Overall, neither of these mascaras are my holy grail mascara but both are really decent mascaras and if a friend said she was going to buy one of these, I wouldn't stop her. If you like larger mascara wands you will probably like both of these mascaras. I believe other mascaras in this new colletction have smaller mascara wands and I will definitely try those out because these mascaras were pretty good.

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