Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ulta3 - Blue Marlin

Okay so I know I should be studying for exams.....BUT....I just couldn't help myself! Came home yesterday with a lovely stash of cheap nail polish :)
After hearing about the brand Ulta3 on the internet I was thrilled to see it at Big W for $2. At that price I just had to get some. So I got "Blue Marlin", "Mermaid Green", "Orchid" and "Red Glitter". I don't usually buy such bold colours (I'm looking at you blue marlin and mermaid green) and I don't particularly like glitter nail polished (yep you guessed it, I'm looking at ya Red Glitter) but for that price I figured I could take a risk.

Applying my first coat of blue marlin I was a little worried as it was a bit streaky however once I put on a second coat I instantly fell in love!!!! It is an amazing colour blue, quite bright and well, not sure how to explain it, but, a strong blue kind of like the sky. However when I'm inside and it is a little dark it reminds me of Revlon Royal ( I think). For $2 the quality is really impressive and it has quickly found its way into my heart which surprises me as I thought I might not like the colour.

I decided to put a layer of silver glitter over the top, mostly because I was bored. I used BYS Crystal Daze and I think it turned out pretty well considering I haven't worn glitter for over five years and my nails are super short at the moment.

Here are the photos :)

Would absolutely love it if you commented and told me what you think!
Have a good day :)

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