Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Product of the day: Nivea Pure and Natural Lip Care - Milk & Honey

Hi everybody. I hope you are all well and glad that 'hump day' is nearly over. Before we know it, it will be Friday and we will be kicking back and relaxing. Can't wait! Anyway, today I am going to do a new type of post in the hope of making my blog more versatile and interesting to read. Let me know what you think, whether you hate it your love it your opinion will be valued. 

Product of the day? 
Nivea pure and natural lip care - Milk & Honey

Because it is winter my lips are continually dry, chapped and ugly. And the fact that I sometimes bite them does not help them either. I recently brought my very first lip stain but I am finding that it just emphasises how bad my lips look and no doubt if I put some lipstick on, the same thing would happen. Therefore I have been going through my lip glosses trying to give my lips some TLC. I chose this product because it has always been one of my favourite lip balms. Actually I love all of Nivea's lip care products. THEY ARE FANTASTIC! They are cheap so you can buy lots and keep them everywhere (handbags, bedside table, desk drawer...), they are 100% free of preservatives, the mechanism that makes the stick come up and down is reliable and easy to use, the balm itself glides on smoothly and blends in for a natural look, smell is pleasant whilst being very neutral and subtle (would be hard not to like the smell), packaging is simple and easy to identify (you don't have to hunt through your collection looking for the particular balm you want), they work well underneath other glosses and lipsticks and most importantly, they actually do what they claim, moisturise your lips and do not leave them feeling dry. 

This particular product, the Milk & Honey, according to the Nivea website has healing properties due to the honey it contains and antioxidants. 

Please comment below if you use this product or have any other similar products you would like to recommend your warn people against. I would love it if these products became a way for people to find good products :) Personally, I have heard great things about carmex balm. Additionally I prefer balms that come in sticks rather than tubes or tins, what about you?

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