Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Winter Challenge Day 11 - Weather inspired

 One of the polishes I got yesterday in my haul was part of Essence’s ‘Season of Extremes’ collection called ‘Nude or What?’ and I AM IN LOVE! This is the most gorgeous mauve-grey colour I have ever set my eyes on. I would even consider buying a second bottle of it (actually most definitely would) if the formula wasn’t so thin.

 When I first got a bottle of essence polish I was super pleased with the formula but of late they have been letting me down. Not sure if it’s the ‘type’ of polish. Perhaps their metallic’s are better than their cremes?

Anyway, I still really love this polish for the colour because it’s not as blunt as a grey but not as bold as a purple so you can wear it across many different situations.

 I also chose it for the winter challenge’s day of ‘weather inspired; because it reminds me of the winter days you get where it is kind of overcast and kind of blue skies but at the same time a bit gloomy! Whilst it most definitely is not a blue polish it is a murky colour, which represents from my viewpoint many of the in-between winter days we often get here in Australia. We do get winter, but not the snow, just the overcast skies, random drizzle and wind.

I am really glad I joined essence’s facebook page because they promoted this range (Season of Extremes) and made it clear that it was only available at Priceline stores, not at Target. However it is not all bad if you only have access to Target because my local target at least has the marble range which Priceline does not have. Well that is what I have found anyway. Maybe other locations differ.

Score overall: 7/10. Score for colour 10/10. Score for formula and ease of application 6/10. 


  1. Nice colour, I like the small colour and go range from Essence as the larger bottles from the trends tend to bit hard to apply. I will have to have a look at the Priceline stores when I head to the city soon. Thanks for your comments.

  2. No problem :)
    This was my first larger bottle of essence. Don't think I will buy another, for $2 I can get ulta3. But on the other hand the colour is amazing!


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