Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Winter Challenge Day 5: Grey Nails

Hi guys. Sorry for posting this a bit late. Finding it difficult to fit everything into 24 hours!

On the weekend I was lucky enough to find a brilliant little outlet store which sold OPI, China Glaze, L'oreal,  Essie and Maybelline polishes dirt cheap. Which made me very happy. Among the polishes I got was Essie's 'Fair Game' so I am going to show you Fair game for day 5 of the challenge. I will do a haul post later in the week but at the moment life is crazy crazy crazy and I just don't have enough time :/

The grey that comprises 'Fair Game' is moderate. It's not too dark but too light and the shimmer is quite subtle which makes it look elegant and not over the top. If you can't tell already, I am really happy with this colour. Application wise it was a breeze, requiring only one coat and it dried real quick, yay! In some ways it is similar to a grey creme because of the smooth appearance however it definitely is a shimmer.

I'm afraid the photographs don't quite show how spectacular this polish is, stupid overcast weather! Do you like this colour or is it meh?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Hey! I'm a little confused... am I a day ahead in the challenge? I can't tell because of the times zones. :d

  2. Hi Joy. Sorry for the confusion, I have been a bit delayed in posting my photographs. Today was day 7 of the challenge.
    Don't worry too much if you are a day behind/ a day ahead... I don't know about you but sometimes I just don't get a chance to get onto my blog let alone take photographs in daylight. I hate winter and getting home in the dark!
    I am loving your nails for the challenge so far!


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