Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The 31 day winter challenge - metallic nails

Oh my!!! It is day eight already of the 31 day challenge and I am already behind :/
I will catch-up.....hopefully on the weekend I can post the photos that I haven't had time to post this week. I decided to just move on and play catch- up later. Sorry guys.

Anyway the theme for today was 'metallic' and this kind of stumped me! No laughing please but I am still new to nail-polish blogging and I wasn't 100% sure what polishes in my drawer classified as 'metallic' and which did not. I decided to go with Essence's 'Where is the party' which is a duochrome with a chromey, metallic finish (I hope).

Anyway, awhile back I was looking for a dupe for an old favourite (Rimmel's Zeitgeist) and one of my lovely fellowers suggested I try this polish. I was thrilled to know that for $2.50 I might be able to replace my favourite polish and therefore when trying out this polish for the first time, I had very high expectations. I'm not sure if I can say that this is a 100% accurate dupe but it is still a nice polish. I think I was slightly disappointed with the polish because of my high expectations and in any other circumstance I would have fallen head over heels in love with it.

This polish is quite an amazing duochrome although "duo" implies two....but I think this polish had many many many more tones to it. I kept staring at the polish in different surroundings and finding different colours :) Obviously, every time I spotted an awesome effect on my nails I was somewhere where photos were not appropriate ( I can think of many times when this happened, for example, in class) and obviously when I could take photos I couldn't capture the awesomeness of this polish!

Overall I was pretty happy with this polish.

One final thing, if anyone would like to let me know what can be called a metallic polish and what cannot...etc that would be greatly appreciated :) And the difference between metallic and chrome polish? Because I would call Where is the Party a chrome / duochrome.....


  1. I get confused over the different types too :(.
    Gorgeous polish! :D (also, I am your newest follower!! :D)

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following me!
    Hope you have a lovely day :)

    I will go visit & follow your blogs now too :)


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