Saturday, 1 September 2012

31 day challenge - the final post!

Where have the last 31 days gone? Seriously!!! It has been a really quick month yet, at the same time, it feels like a really long month. Life has been crazy (I have written heaps of essays for uni - blah!) and at times I feel like the blog has been an obstacle for me. I love blogging but it is time-consuming and expensive. I really need to better manage my purchasing habits! I really enjoyed the 31 day challenge and whilst I didn't quite manage to complete all 31 days it was heaps of fun. I also want to mention the fact that I think all the other ladies doing the challenge did a fantastic job! Guys, all of your manicures were beautiful!

I tried to play catch-up so for this final post for the 31 day challenge I have included a couple of different days.

For "Inspired by a flag" I took inspiration from Danish flag. The flag for Denmark is red with an off-centred white cross. It was the first flag I thought of, that I had all the colours for!

I used my white nail-art pen and Revlon's 'All Fired Up'.

For "Inspired by the supernatural" I couldn't decide what to do! I didn't want to do a vampy red or purple and nearly did grey with silver tips but decided on using Revlon's 'Midnight Affair' with Sally Hansen's 'Glitz Gal'. The idea behind this was that I wanted something that was dark and mysterious and also a bit sparkly - no not because Edward Cullen sparkes...ok maybe it was inspired by that a little bit - but mainly due to the fact that there is almost always some kind of chemical attraction / crush between a supernatural person and a human girl! I'm probably not making sense's late and I'm tired!

The stupid camera didn't like this manicure so sadly you can't see how sparkly it looks in sunlight :(

And finally, "Inspired by a tutorial". I can now present to you my first glitter sandwich! Yay!!!!!!!
I used Revlon's Just Tinted 'Mystical' (pretty sure but not 100% sure that's the name of it) and Ulta3's 'Confetti'. I put two coats of mystical on and then a coat of confetti, followed by mystical, confetti and then two final thin coats of mystical. I didn't think I would like it but I love love love this manicure and I'm going to wear it on the weekend because it is very fun but not too bold. Mystical is a bit of an unusual polish but as a glitter sandwich I love it :) It applies very well and dries extremely quickly which is great because I needed to do a lot of coats for this. I highly recommend you give this mani a shot at home!

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