Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunny Saturday

The sun is shinning, I've been hitting the books and actually achieving something and my nails are painted in a new polish :) What a great way to spend a Saturday arvo. Okay, you might think the mention of studying would ruin it all but it is actually nice to be catching-up with everything rather than falling behind with all my course work.

Sadly, this post is not going to be full  of pretty pictures :) but is to announce my participation in two challenges (yes I might be crazy). I know I just finished the 31 day challenge (which I hope to complete again when I am better at stamping and nail art) but the two new challenges are not everyday which is good because with everything I have going on I can't change my polish everyday, it feels like a waste and it makes me sad when I have to remove a manicure I like so quickly!

The first challenge I will be participating in is the "Three Nail Challenge". It begins on the 1st of September and if you would like to participate click here. I think this challenge is great because it is something different and very well organised!

The second challenge I will be doing as of now is Crumpet's Nail Tarts

Another great challenge and I am really excited to see how these challenges go. I am going to try not to miss any days :) and hopefully I won't use them to buy more polish because it is getting ridiculous! 
I would love it if you joined in and did one of these challenges with me :)
Have a great night, 

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