Wednesday, 15 August 2012

31 day challenge - update 15th August

Hi guys. Hope today has all been kind to you!

It's official, I had to cut all of my nails down because they were all breaking. This is really annoying because now I can't paint them for a few days at the least. I think they need to recover from my polish habit.....Sooooo I guess that mean I can't do the 31 days challenge for a little while :( but I'm so definitely not quitting! I will try to catch-up as soon as possible :)

Is it only me or ever since you became addicted to nail polish and frequently changing your nail polish your nails seem to do stuff they never use to? Mine have been peeling at the tips and on my thumbs I have a white half moon on underneath the nail but I have noticed that now on my other nails I don't have this. IS THIS NORMAL?

I will keep posting daily though (just not polish). I have decided to re-hash my approach towards make-up and begin buying only organic and natural products as much as is possible. More on this later, I have a huge paper to write :(

Until next time, 
take care and please feel free to leave a comment - I LOVE reading them! :)


  1. You just need to maintain your nails. Clip them regularly, file them after clipping and every so often after that, clean up and moisturize your cuticles. Make sure you use a base coat if you don't already (OPI makes a great one). Use nail polish remover always; don't peel off the nail polish. If your nails are starting to peel at the tips then you need to clip/file them and then they'll be stronger. After you do this for a while, they should be good as new.

  2. Thank you so much for the advice!!!! :) I will definitely be clipping them more often from now on.
    I am still looking for the 'perfect' base coat. Will have a look at the OPI one.

  3. My nails are a tinge of yellow- a nailpolish addicts tell tale sign. I prefer my nails coloured as when bare they scream ugly.

  4. hahaha yeah same nails look so dull at the moment :(


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