Monday, 13 August 2012

Nail Polish Review - Essence My Best Nude Friends And Me

Today I am bringing to you a polish from Essence's 'Season of Extremes' which is currently available at Priceline.

This polish is called a "nail polish colour 3" and this is what the official essence website tells you about this polish:

"Creativity to the extreme: the two-tone nail polish nail colour³ focuses on sensational color effects. the two shades can be applied individually or one on top of the other to create a unique third color. summery yellow, bright pink, nude tones or shimmer – this range has them all! your nails are sure to be the ultimate eye-catchers in town. "

I have the 'My Best Nude Friend And Me' duo. This is the first time I used the polish and whilst it's  not jawbreakingly bold or anything it has exceeded my expectations. It has been sitting in my untried because I thought it would be boring but I was happily wrong.

The polish I wore today is the darker beige of the duo not the shimmer.

It is a natural beige creme with a subtle shimmer to it. With three coats it looks opaque and very very pretty and the best thing is it is totally work appropriate / appropriate for short nails :) Did I tell you that I broke two nails yesterday :( They were my two 'real' breaks too....I was opening my drawers using my nails because I still have to buy handles for them and snap,ouch #$%@ they broke! Had to cut them down short too which was disappointing because I was hoping I could rescue them so they weren't super short.

Summary of review

Brush: Just a normal brush but that is nothing to complain about.
Colour: Score: 8.5/10
I really like how this polish looks. It is very feminine and easy to wear.
Formula: Quite thin but with 2 careful coats or 3 coats you get a brilliant finish.

Would I recommend this polish to you? Yes

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