Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fishnet tights manicure

I have nicknamed this manicure the 'fishnet tights' manicure. It is the first time ever I have done a stamping manicure using my Konad polish and plates that I got in a set from the carnival. I had my fingers crossed that the Konad polishes would actually make a difference because my previous stamping attempts haven't been too successful. I was pleasantly surprised, the polishes so far seem to work well with stamping and I love the designs on the stamping plates. Stay tuned, I have lots of ideas floating around my mind. 

I used my Butter London pillar box red polish as the base-coat and then using the black konad polish I stamped the lattice pattern onto my nails. I was pretty impressed with how it looked but then decided to add black tips. Probably shouldn't have done this, I always seem to go too far with my ideas and they end up looking like a dogs breakfast! All photos have a top-coat.

This manicure is a bit gothic and vampy and was pretty easy to create :) I have already received compliments. Even from my skeptical mum who thinks my obsession with polish and doing my nails is crazy! Well, she is probably right!!!!

Would you wear this manicure? With or without the black tips?


  1. wow awesome look!!! So where do we buy konad nail polish in australia? On ebay? Yeah I agree regular nail polish does not work so well for me either. Here goes to spending more money lol! Although my nail obsession has died a bit lately.

  2. I love anything goth/ out there look yes I would wear it really!!! I love vampy.

  3. Sorry to ask and comment again but did you use the stamping kit from Target with konad nail polish?

    1. Hey :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it :)
      Nah I didn't get this from Target.It was $30 for some polishes, a stamper, scraping tool and 3 plates. I will do a haul post for you later. But meanwhile you can go to their website: and it tells you all the places they will be at. Or you can order off the Konad website. On their website it says that their stamping polish has a higher viscosity so if you are unable to get your hands on some Konad polish maybe you could buy some nail polish thickener (I think they sell it at the hair house warehouse place, is that what its called?) and experiment! I hope this helps, have a lovely day :)

  4. The konad kit sounds better than the salon express kit from Target. So do you use the salon express kit from Target anymore as I saw you posted a blog posting on this and I went out and bought it, lol.
    Your stamping looks excellent these days, guess the konad nail polish works better. I will invest in the future. Thanks for the answer!!

  5. Hey Katey :)
    I'm not sure which is better, the one from Target or the konad one. The konad polish does seem to work well BUT a lot of people say that there are 'normal' nail polishes that work just as well. I think I might do a comparison post between the two sets to see.
    Check out my 'best of the best' page. A lovely reader posted a great list of polishes that she has found to work well for stamping. Enjoy the weekend :)


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