Friday, 12 October 2012

Razzle Dazzler - Matte

Sorry for my lack of posting. Life has been hectic, exams and my dominant wrist is stuck in a brace and giving me hell. Like seriously, now???? Less than a week until my exams and I could barely pick up a pen! Okay, I am sorry for the whinge, I will move onto a happier topic now: GLITTER!!!!!!!!

Cutting to the chase. For this manicure I used a polish from Sally Hansen's Gem Crush series called Razzle Dazzler which is a rosy pink micro glitter with larger silver glitters. I layered it over the top of a pink polish by essence called 'Meet Me Now!' and used two thin coats of 'razzle dazzler'.

It is a very versatile glitter because:

  • clear base but because of the dense pink microglitter if you don't want to layer it over another opaque polish you don't have to, a few layers and it becomes opaque all on it's own. 
  • dries quickly. 
  • applies very easily, don't have to "arrange" the glitters at all. 
It is quite a sparkly polish but I wanted to try something a little different and something more wearable for the everyday. So I decided to put a matte top coat over it (I use chi chi's). 


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