Sunday, 14 October 2012

sheer polish test post 1 of 3

***scheduled post - written awhile ago, sorry!!!!***
Ummmm, okay first I want to apologise for the weird, nonsensical title of this post. I have a very busy fortnight coming up so I am trying to get some scheduled posts done while watching tv and having some rare 'me' time. But I seem to be having trouble multi-tasking between making sense of the tv show and writing this post. Maybe I should just stop rambling!

Basically, with the 'sheer polish test' I have grabbed three random polishes that I don't think have featured on my blog yet and I will be testing to see how sheer they are, after two coats. For me, two coats is the maximum amount of coats I want to apply. Three or more coats it just tedious!!!!!
All photos are hence based on two coats with a clear base-coat and no top-coat.

For this post, #1 of 3, I will be showing you 'Emerald Star' by Australis. I got this for $2 in a sale bin at Target and I think it is really old stock. Also the brush was bent and I'm not sure if the bottle was a bit empty :/ but oh well, what can you do? The bottle also had some other polish dried onto it, but as soon as I saw it was a duochrome I wanted it!

Photographs were taken inside under a bright light because it rained all day! I thought I had cleaned up okay but obviously not as good as I thought I did because some of the photographs are disgusting. Sorry for the horrible photos!!!!! 

'Emerald Star' is a beautiful blue-green duochrome and although I have only seen it under artificial light, inside, because of the terrible weather,  I am already loving this polish and can't wait to see what it looks like under the sun :) I just know it's going to be good. 

So, the important question is, how sheer is this polish? I am happy to report that two coats is definitely all that is required for this polish, yay!!!!

Cheers and thanks for reading :)

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