Sunday, 14 October 2012

sheer polish test post #2 of 3

Quickly recapping, because of a lack of time this is a scheduled post. I grabbed three random polishes from my collection and have decided to test how sheer they are. I'm hoping no more than 2 coats are required.

I accidently smudged my nail so sadly you can't how lovely and metallic this polish is, but make no mistake. This polish is AWESOME!

For this post I have a Maybelline Mini Colorama polish in 'Toffee' which is a beautiful metallic copper colour. After one coat it is pretty much opaque but I applied two coats as it strengthened the shade of the copper. I would say that it a brown-based copper rather than a red-based copper. I really love this colour and think it is a great polish. It applied easily however I did smudge it {so maybe it was a bit slow to dry? not sure what happened to be honest}. 

All photographs were taken inside under artificial light because it rained for the entire day! Therefore the photos are not 100% colour accurate.

So a quick summary for you: definitely not a sheer polish. A beautiful polish and requires no more than two coats. 

Thanks for reading, I will be back soon! And I have lots of exciting posts coming up :)

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