Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Weekend Haul

Okay so it's Wednesday evening and I'm only now just getting around to my weekend haul post! I'm a very bad blogger I know!!!! It's not that I don't love love love blogging but I had to cut my nails super short and I am trying to get them healthy so I can't pain them :( so sad!!!!! But anyway, I managed to do quite a lot of shopping over the weekend and even started my Christmas shopping. This is like the earliest I have ever started my x-mas shopping, I'm so pleased with myself. Okay, okay I only got one present but hey, it's not the day before Christmas........yet.

 Anyway, my weekend haul:

  • Palmer's Purse Essentials (included mini body lotion, daily facial lotion SPF 15+, Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter and hand cream). This was being sold for 'below cost' at Target for $5.83 which I thought was a wicked awesome price considering the lip butter alone sells for $4.79 
  • Essence Nail Polish (old bottle) in princess prunella 
  • Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trend Edition 'A piece of forever'
  • Sun Sense SPF 30+ Sunscreen 
  • Sun Sense Daily Face SPF 30+ invisible tint finish

 So I will be testing out all of these products and getting back to you. Literally, ten minutes ago I put on some of the lip butter for the first time and wow - it really does smell like peppermint.

I totally forgot to take photographs of the sunscreen but I have photos of the rest of the haul. Not much of a haul I guess but I'm pretty happy with it!

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