Sunday, 6 January 2013

31 day challenge day #6 - favourite colour family

Day 6 of the 31 day challenge, we are 19.4% of the way there! Today's theme is 'your favourite colour family' and unlike most people I couldn't instantly think of my favourite colour....weird? I definitely have favourite colours for different things (clothes, my bedroom, notebooks...etc) and a few years ago I would have said black black black but this last year or two I have emerged from my gothic phase and have become quite friendly with colour. I love coral, teal, purple is obviously another liked colour (especially for nail polish) but yeah....finally, I favourite colour is teal. See, I told you!!! I am indecisive :)

 So I picked out two of my favourite teal polishes. For summer, Face of Australia's 'Lets go scuba diving' is a magnificient teal polish that blows me away. It is a shimmer that just glows from the inside and the shimmer gives this polish amazing depth.Also, this is a very vibrant teal colour. The only down-side is that the polish is a little difficult to work with - you have to have only a tiny bit on your brush and because it is sheer you need 3-4 coats. But once it's on, it is simply amazing and well worth it!


 My favourite teal polish for the winter time is more of a petrol teal called 'in style' by essence. I decided to use 'in style' for an accent nail but I kind of regret it. Don't get me wrong..... 'in style' is a fab polish and so is 'lets go scuba divinng' but they look best when worn on their own.

 What is your favourite colour?

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