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Goodbye 2012 Nail Polish Post - Long version

2012 was a good year, a big, busy and hectic year filled with many many many amazing memories. It was also the year that I discovered nail blogging and developed a passion (read:obsession) for nail polish and all things beauty. My bank balance might not be thanking me but I have seriously enjoyed this blog and visiting all of the amazing blogs out there in the blogosphere!!! I am intending on writing a couple of these posts based on the 'best' of 2012. I have already written one post about all of the essence polishes I brought! Click here to read it.

 Anyway, this post is going to be a general post of the 'best nail polishes of 2012'. Now, I'm not going to say that this was an easy thing for me! I am a very indecisive person!!!!! But all the same here are the best nail polishes of 2012. Please let me know if you have any questions and please feel free to leave a comment below, what are your favourite polishes from 2012?

With the discovery of the nail blogging-osphere came the discovery of holographic polish!!! And I fell instantly head over heels with holo polish. I'm actually planning an entire post for holographic polishes but nontheless had to include them here. I sadly only got my hands on one proper holo polish as they are not very easy to find here in Australia (I don't buy online) and are extremely expensive. But I did get Butter London's 'fishwife' and WOW!!!! It truly is love in a bottle.

Butter London is a fantastic brand and I hope in 2013 I get to expand my collection of Butter London polish. I was introduced to the brand via a free bottle I got with a mag. 'Pillar Box Red' is the perfect red creme polish! Enough said....

Ulta3 polish was the first polish brand I discovered via the nail-blogosphere and the first polishes I brought for my blog were from Ulta3 (mermaid green, orchid, blue marlin & red glitter).

Ulta3 polishes are simply amazing! Their range is incredibly diverse, you've got your metallics, shimmers, cremes, neons, pastels, glitters...etc in a great range of colours. The quality is also super-pleasing and did I mention they are only $2 :) I really cannot describe how wonderful these polishes are!!!! I'm not a glitter-lover but their multi-coloured glitter 'confetti' is very pretty. 'Orchid' and 'Brandy Wine' are brilliant metallic polishes that blow me away every time I wear them. Oh, and they're one-coaters too!!!!!!!

The ulta3 polishes I have are:

  • blue marlin
  • mermaid green
  • red glitter
  • orchid
  • elegant mauve
  • brandy wine
  • confetti
  • black satin 
*Brandy wine is missing from this photo

My top three ulta3 polishes are:
  • brandy wine
  • orchid 
  • blue marlin 
Brandy wine and orchid and stunning metallics and very vibrant. They make you feel happy. Black Satin is also in the top three because it's formula is 10/10, it dries quickly and works great for stamping. Blue Marlin and mermaid green also deserve a special mention (told you I was indecisive!). 

blue marlin

I can honestly say that I love every single Revlon polish I own and I wish I owned more polishes from Revlon but I don't like buying them unless they are on sale, being a poor uni student who spends way too much time in Priceline! Lucky for me they have had a couple of 'buy one get one free' and 'buy three pay for two' deals on Revlon in 2012 so, the revlon polishes I have are:

  • Fall Mood
  • Gray Suede
  • Mystical
  • All Fired Up
  • Fierce
  • Scandalous
  • Bold Sangria
  • Midnight Affair
  • Blue Slate
  • Spanish Moss
A couple of the above polishes might have been brought last year...but definitely the majority of them were 2012 purchases!

My top three Revlon polishes for 2012:
  • Midnight Affair
  • Fall Mood
  • Blue Slate 
I love how consistently great Revlon polishes are and their range is always exciting. 

 I brought my first Sally Hansen polishes in 2012. Only five because they are a little expensive if not on sale. Also, I'm not sure if they are all 3-free. Most of them contain camphor too which definitely puts me off the brand. But other than that I have been pleased with Sally Hansen. They offer a brilliant range of colours and some unique polishes too. I really hope the sally hansen 'lustre shine' comes to Australia soon because some of the duochromes look amazing.

The Sally Hansen polishes I have are:
  • so much fawn 
  • pedal to the metal 
  • razzle dazzler 
  • glitz gal 
  • Diamond strength and base coat

My favourite Sally Hansen polish of 2012: so much fawn. Formula is fantastic, colour is very pretty and brush is good. The 'Gem Crush' series also deserve a special mention!!! They are super easy to apply, look sooo pretty and sparkly and there is an endless amount of ways you can wear the polishes. 

Am I going to buy more Sally Hansen polishes? I love their nail treatments and their base and top coats (they are 3-free) and work great but I'm not planning on buying heaps of their polishes as there are other brands out there that are cheaper but retain the quality. But as I said.....if the lustre shin series comes over here I will be rushing out to buy them :)

Now onto Max Factor......I couldn't write this post without mentioning 'Fantasy Fire'. As soon as I saw a swatch of it online I rushed out to get it. It is quite sheer so I layer it over Max Factor's 'Purple Haze'.

Well wow, that was a long post wasn't it? I hope I didn't make you fall asleep...well I guess if I did you wouldn't be reading this anyway......hahaha :) Cheers and happy new year! I hope 2013 is a truly wonderful year for you and thank you so much for reading my blog. Thank you, thank you thank you.

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