Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Product vs. Product: Maybelline Baby Lips vs. Baby Lips Colour

Today I am going to compare two products (Baby Lips original with Baby Lips Colour) and see which one is better. You might be reading this and be thinking, huh, what's the difference? Well when I talk about 'Baby Lips' I am referring to the original Baby Lips that were introduced last year here in Australia with the colourful tubes and contrasting lids. I have the 'Energising Orange' one. The 'Baby Lips Colour' are, from what I know, a new addition to the collection and they tint your lips whereas the normal baby lips don't. This might also be confusing because I think America, being far ahead of us as usual, probably have different versions of Baby Lips too, at least their packaging and shades are different. They may also be completely different :o

First up in this battle we have the original Baby Lips

This is basically one of those traditional lip balms in a wind-up tube that claims to hydrate your lips for hours and in four weeks renew your lips. It comes in a couple of different scents: Relieving Menthol, Anti-oxidant Berry, Smoothing Cherry, Energizing Orange. Cherry Velvet and Mango Pie. In Australia they retail for $3.99 but can be found on sale. I'm not sure if they all contain SPF but I know for sure that some do. 

This review will be based on the 'Energizing Orange' version of Baby Lips. 

I find that it feels really amazing on your lips and this feeling stays around for a very long time. It feels balmy, very light and doesn't leave your lips feeling too dry so I would say this hydrates your lips. While studying for exams I kept this on my desk and got rather addicted to it.  I definitely found that within a week of continual use of this product that my lips were generally less dry, less chapped and were definitely improved. I LOVE this product! 

In terms of lasting power, it stays on my lips and gives my lips a lightweight balmy feeling for around an hour. I think this is pretty good however I wouldn't say this is the most amazing, most moisturising balm ever. The scent isn't super strong and I don't really notice the scent (to be honest) unless I really sniff the tube. 

Any cons? Nope!!!! I don't usually give rave reviews and usually there is something I don't like about a product but not here people :) This is a balm that feels really lovely on your lips and doesn't dry them out once it wears off. It has a lovely pleasant smell and is a good price.

Now, lets move onto the Baby Lips Colour
I have the 'Berry Crush' version of the Baby Lips Colour which gives my lips a lovely red sheer gloss to them. Nothing too bold but definitely not too sheer for somebody like me who isn't brave enough for a bold red lip but wants to experiment  It is nearly a 'my natural lips but better' look? I'm a bit undecided how to classify the pigment because it doesn't stay around forever but while it decided to hang out with you, it really is quite lovely. The packaging says 'translucent colour' and I would say this is pretty accurate. Don't expect this to be a subsitute for your heavily pigmented lipstick but instead see it as a sheer kind of gloss.

 It contains SPF16 and unlike the original Baby Lips which claims 8 hours of hydration, this only claims to give you 6 hours of moisture. This is interesting to me because even though this still has the nice lightweight balmy feeling to it I find that it wears off quicker and leaves my lips feeling more dry, compared to the original Baby Lips. The scent is (again) pretty subtle. In terms of lasting power, I get the lightweight balmy feeling for around thirty minutes or so. 

So who is the winner?
The winner for me is the original Baby Lips! 

Thanks for reading and please let me know what your thoughts are on these two products, or on any other balms out there that deserve the spotlight! 



  1. these looks like a great product, want to try them;)X


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog :) You should definitely check these out, they're pretty cheap too so that's good! I'll head over to your blog now :)

  2. Have you tried the Burts Bees tinted lip balms? Are these similar at all?

    1. Hi Vicky :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I haven't tried the tinted lip balms by burts bees but really want to - do you use/recommend them?
      When I get one I'll write a comparison for you :)
      Thanks for visiting, cheers.


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