Wednesday, 14 August 2013

3 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G glitter polishes

Hi guys, if you visit my blog from time to time you might notice that I occasionally on a Monday I do a "by the numbers" post...basically I go to a random number generator and then use whatever number gets generated as inspiration for a post. This week the number generator (from spat out the number I present to you 3 awesome glitter polishes. Who doesn't love some glitter?

1. Models Prefer - Stardust $2.50
Stardust is a mixture of white and black matte glitters in different sizes and shapes in a clear base. It came in a two pack with a black cream polish that retailed for $5 from Priceline (exclusively). I really LOVE this polish because it is foolproof (don't have to mess around with placing the glitters), the glitters dry flat and it looks amazing over a ton of polishes. If you are falling head over heels with this polish run (don't walk) to your local Priceline because I know these packs are still available. Priceline also has a set of 3 lipsticks for $10 and there were other cream polish / glitter polish combinations for $5 too.

2. Face of Australia - Studio 54 $4.95
Chunky hexagonal copper glitters and a decent sprinkling of smaller copper glitters makes this polish my favourite "normal glitter" polish. It's pretty dense and I love how it looks when layered over a copper polish. I wrote a review on it back in May, click here if you want to read the review and see an excessive amount of photos of it!

3. Face of Australia - Boogie Wonderland  $4.95
Finally, we have a milky, indie reminiscent polish called, Boogie Wonderland. Although quite sheer after two or three coats you get a good amount of colour and a healthy dose of glitter. The long bar glitters don't always dry flat and like to curl up, but that can be easily fixed. Overall this is a really fun polish and again if you want to read a review of here. 

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