Tuesday, 12 November 2013

INNOXA Skin Perfecting Illuminator

If you are prone to oiliness and often find your face is as shiny as polished silver you have probably had to make the decision between matte and lifeless or glowing but looking like a fairy has thrown a bucket of glitter at you. I have been known to pile on the mattifying foundation and powder to control my shiny face but I often find that I go too far and end up looking lifeless and bleak. But now after wearing Innoxa's Skin Perfecting Illuminator for a couple of weeks I think I have a solution to bleak skin.

The lovely people at INNOXA sent me the Skin Perfecting Illuminating 5 in 1 BB Creme. This is a newly released product which hit the shelves in October and retails for $25.95 at Priceline, Myer and leading pharmacies.

This liquid illuminator is designed to give you a luminous radiant glow. You can apply it as an illuminator  on your cheek and eyebrow bones to highlight these high points of the face or you can mix it into your foundation for an all over glow and to give your skin a youthful radiant effect. It also corrects skin pigments giving you a more even skin tone, hydrates and nourishes your skin, contains essential nutrients, green tea, chamomile extract and vitamin E. Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

I have used the Skin Perfecting Illuminating 5 in BB Creme for a couple of weeks now, usually by applying it on my cheekbones after applying foundation however you can mix it into your foundation for an all-over natural glow. Using my fingers it was easy to apply and blended in well without much effort. I was really impressed with how it gave my skin a healthy glow without making my face look shiny and it was really easy to use which is good because I am always running late. The fact that it also helps to even out my skin tone is an added bonus.

No foundation

Matte Foundation

Matte Foundation + Innoxa Skin Perfecting Illuminator

Overall this is a really lovely illuminator which is easy to use and gives a natural glow. A new favourite in my beauty routine!

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