Friday, 9 May 2014

Impressions of the week

Hi guys. I thought I would take you through some of the products I have been using this week and my   impressions of them. Unusually (for me) I tried out a few new products this week.

The first thing I want to talk about is Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation. I picked this up on Monday at Priceline. They have a great deal on at the moment where if you buy the nearly naked foundation you get the matching pressed power for free (worth $25.95). Anyway, I have only worn this foundation three times because obviously it hasn't been in my stash for long! But I do have some first impressions for you. This is not a full coverage foundation but it isn't suppose to be. I think I would call it low-medium coverage - it hides my large pores and redness. It evens out my complexion but doesn't completely hide my dark spots and freckles. Perfect for a day where you want a natural look. Overall I have been loving this foundation. Full review coming!

Next up, another new product I have been testing out. The Comforting Day Cream* from Boots Laboratories. Despite having a rich creamy formula it still feels lightweight and sinks into the skin nicely. It leaves your face feeling really soft and moisturised all day. I find that my forehead often feels very tight and dry. This moisturiser soothed that feeling all day. I think this is going to be a great moisturiser for the winter. 

In the photo the 'Mirrored Mauve' lipgloss from Maybelline is not colour accurate. But I've been writing essays for the past fortnight (on another note, why do they insist on setting all of our essays in the same three day period??) and sunlight was something I did not have. This is one of my favourite glosses for a beautiful and easy nude lip. 

It seems like I have a lot of lip balms open at the moment. Why I opened this Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm is beyond me when I have a handful of other balms I could use. But I have to say, this is (so far) a really nice lip balm. It has a strong honey scent and lasts on the lips for a decent while. I haven't decided if I love the moisturising power of it yet. I'll get back to you. 

Finally, I've started using the L'Occitane hand cream in Red Cherry recently. This is probably the product I am on the fence most about. It has small glitter particles in?! After using this hand cream my hands are covered in gold shimmer and despite having a scent it isn't anything spectacular or long lasting. The consistency of this hand cream is more gel-like than cream-like. I love my other L'occitane hand cream a lot more (with 20% shea butter) compared to this one. Grab the one with 20% shea's called "Shea Butter Passionate Jasmine Hand Cream" and is a keeper, unlike the red cherry one. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend :)

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