Saturday, 5 July 2014

Face of Australia Dark Side Nail Polish Collection Review - Voldemort & Maleficent

Face of Australia have a new collection of polishes out called 'Dark Side' which include polishes called Voldemort, Maleficent, Ursula, The Wicked Witch, Darth Vader, Jafar and Mystiqueare. Being a huge fan of Harry Potter I had to pick up Voldemort (black and blue matte glitters) and I decided to also grab Maleficent as I thought a vampy purple might be fun for these cold winter days.

Maleficent is a very dark and vampy purple. I did two thick coats and in most lights the polish looks pretty black. I think if you only did one coat you might get more of the beautiful purple you see in the bottle. Nonetheless, the formula of the polish was good. Leaning towards the thicker side which is exactly what I like. Drying time was also pretty good considering my coats were ridiculously thick. It also dried to a very high shine. The only thing I didn't like about this polish was the brush. Comparing the brush from Maleficent to Voldemort (more on him later) the Maleficent brush is curved and twisted. I don't think it was designed like this and it made applying this polish quite tricky, and streaky for the first coat. Mine is probably just faulty and if you had a brush that wasn't faulty the polish would look a lot better. With my thick messy coats it ended up looking quite black and messy.

Voldemort is a mixture of black and blue matte glitters in a clear base and is an absolutely stunning glitter top coat. I can honestly say I no other polish in my collection like this one. Plus, unlike some glitter top coats this is quite dense. One coat gives you a complete covering of the fine glitters and then if you drag the excess polish off the brush you can easily get some of the larger glitters on your nails. No glitter placement required :) Drying time was really good and this polish was a breeze to apply. In the photos I didn't use a top coat over Voldemort. Voldemort is definitely by favourite out of the two polishes that I have from this collection <3

So in a nutshell, FOA has a new limited edition polish collection out at the moment inspired by evil villains. Maleficent is a very vampy purple polish with a good formula. Voldemort is a dense mix of blue and black matte glitters. You can grab these for $4.95 from Priceline, Big W and K-mart.

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