Monday, 27 July 2015

Rimmel London Oh My Gloss 'Snog' Review

Rimmel London have added a new range of lip glosses to their range that are worth looking at. I have been wearing the shade 'snog' for the past couple of weeks and really like it!!! It has been my go-to lipgloss.

'Snog' is your typical  'my lips but better shade' with extra shine. If you like berry shades with a brown/pink undertone you will love this shade. The colour, although very pigmented and buildable when first applied, doesn't last for that long - it begins to fade after approximately 1 hour. The shine stays around for a lot longer though! Colour-wise, my camera refused to get the colour right. In the picture above the colour is washed out. If you look in the reflection, that is a bit more accurate...

One of the reasons why I have been wearing this lipgloss a lot lately is because it is great for hiding chapped and dry lips. It doesn't dry out your lips and all that shine disguises yucky winter lips. Talking about winter...I cannot wait for spring!

Overall, this is a really great basic lipgloss. It gives you nice colour, heaps of shine, has a sweet smell and doesn't dry out your lips. Everything you want from a lipgloss. 

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